Known Issues

Crashes on macOS Sierra 10.12.5

Update – 8/20/17 Hey all, we are still actively working on a fix for this, thank you all for your patience. Unfortunately to solve this issue we’ve had to rebuild much of the Skiptunes core. But rest assured a completely free update will be available soon. We’ve also received reports of this being an issue […]

Apple Music Artwork

While using Apple Music the album artwork doesn’t display 🙁 We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Thanks for using Skip Tunes!

Spotify AppleScript Bug

Spotify local tracks cannot be launched due to a bug with Spotify AppleScript. We’ll keep an eye on this issue for you and release an update to Skip Tunes when the issue is resolved.

Spotify Scrubber Times

Spotify’s scrubber currently show’s an inaccurate time 🙁 This is a known issue and we will implement a fix when Spotify updates their API.

Spotify Artwork

Update – 11/20/16 We’ve patched the Spotify Album Artwork issue. A new update is available in the App Store. Thanks for using Skip Tunes!     Archive Unfortunately it looks like the newest Spotify update broke Skip Tunes. It may be best to wait to a little bit to reinstall Spotify for the update. We’ve […]