Broken Shortcuts in Version 3.2

Update – 11/21/16 A new build with a fix, version 3.2.1, has been released in the App Store. You can update over here.   Q: Shortcuts seem broken in Version 3.2, they only work when the app is front and active. Prior to 3.2 all shortcuts worked regardless of app position. We are aware of the […]

Apple Music Artwork

While using Apple Music the album artwork doesn’t display 🙁 We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Thanks for using Skip Tunes!

How do I Disable Track Notifications?

To disable notifications in Skip Tunes: Navigate to Apple menu > System Preferences > Notifications. Click Skip Tunes in the list on the left. Choose “None” on the right side. Or adjust options as you see fit.

Does Spotify Need to be Running?

Q: I’m unclear whether this application requires that Spotify already be running. I’m looking for an app that will play Spotify from my menu bar. Skip Tunes automatically skips, plays, or pauses whatever media is being played. If Spotify was previously playing then Skip Tunes will cue up Spotify. However, if you are using iTunes […]

Assigning Shortcuts

With Skiptunes for OS X it’s easy to assign shortcuts for a variety of options. Shortcut options include: Show and Hide Window. Pause, Play, Next and Previous Track. Fast Forward and Rewind Track. Increase and Decrease Volume. Mute Volume. These shortcut settings can be found in Preferences > Shortcuts. After clicking the “Record Shortcut” option, […]