Older Versions of OS X

Where can I find a version of Skip Tunes for OSX 10.6 ? Unfortunately Skip Tunes only works on OS X Mavericks (version 10.9) due to some external API limitations. If you have Mountain Lion (version 10.8), Lion (version 10.8), or Snow Leopard (version 10.6) you’ll need to upgrade your OS before Skip Tunes will work.

iTunes Progress Bar

Q: I just noticed that the progress bar is motionless when music is currently playing… this happened after I updated to iTunes 11. Is there a way to fix this? We have fixed this in the latest update on the App Store.

Shuffle No Longer Works

Q: The Skip Tunes Shuffle function no longer works. I discovered today after updating my Mountain Lion install to 10.8.4 and my iTunes to 11.0.4 We have fixed this in the latest update on the App Store.

Spotify Artwork

Update – 11/20/16 We’ve patched the Spotify Album Artwork issue. A new update is available in the App Store. Thanks for using Skip Tunes!     Archive Unfortunately it looks like the newest Spotify update broke Skip Tunes. It may be best to wait to a little bit to reinstall Spotify for the update. We’ve […]

How to Start Skip Tunes at OS X Login

Skip Tunes version 2.1 and above allows you to start Skip Tunes at login from the Preferences window. However if you need to do this manually. This setting can be found in Preferences > General. Check “Start Skip Tunes at login”